Fairy Gardens inspire a childs imagination and creativity and are also a whimsical statement for your outdoor areas. With the simple addition of small plants, flowers, and decorations you can create a magical place for fairies to gather and offer you blessings and good luck. But, fairy gardens are not just for outdoor areas, you can make them for indoor spots as well.

I was able to make an indoor fairy garden and use it as a centrepiece for a party. It turned out so cute that we still have it. I think it is great as a decoration for a dresser or other small space on a patio. Fairy gardens do not have to be just for sunny, bright garden spaces and here are some suggestions for indoor gardens.

Start with any tray or small container that appeals to you that you have around. I made use of a wine barrel planter. I simply filled it up with fresh soil and had the base for my fairy garden. You can use a saucer from a planter, a galvanized bucket or even a fishbowl.

Get creative and make nice cozy spots for fairies in the garden using marbles, artificial flowers, tea cups, shells, pinecones, rocks and whatever else you fancy. My personal favourite is making use of an adorable miniature birdhouse or tire swing.

Some garden supply chains or craft stores like Palmate Gardening offer unique items that will personalize your fairy garden. You might try party stores, too, for creative objects that will brighten your garden and give your fairies a place to relax or play. Online, there is a store called Palmate’s which sells all kinds of items for fairy gardens and they deliver fast. I also suggest that you look for dollhouse objects.

Dollhouse accessories are available on eBay but they work best, usually, for indoor fairy gardens. I did, however, find some adorable mini terra cotta pots which worked great for my outdoor garden.

Before you start planting and arranging the garden, I suggest you draw out a plan. You can draw out a rough plan in the dirt where you plan on creating your outdoor garden, or you can draft a plan on paper for your indoor garden.

After you plan your garden, start planting and placing items in it. I made a garden path using crushed seashells. They made the path look like it was made from pebbles. I added a few ceramic fairies to complete the look, but you can leave them out so the real fairies come to visit.