The last thing that you will want is any sort of planning delays that can hold you back. However, there are a lot of people that find that delays can cause a lot of stress and simply because their application map was inadequate. Whenever a proposal is submitted to the planning office with plans that have used maps that are of date or unclear, the planning department is not able to deal with it properly. This makes a delay pretty much unavoidable and you may even find that your proposal is rejected at the first stage. This is why you need to make sure that you are able to get your hands on quality planning application maps to make sure that you are properly covered.

What Is A Planning Application Map?

Basically speaking, your planning permission is actually a legal document, so you need to have plans that offer no doubt about what it is that you are applying for. If you end up with positioning or boundaries that are incorrectly shown, you could end up in some sort of dispute or even an enforcement action. In a more extreme case, you might have to demolish your building and then begin again.

Your planning authority is only able to access your proposal if it is accurately shown. Any plan that has a lack of crucial details, including new housing in the area, can lead to confusion. Poor planning application maps can lead to objections, this means that you need to make sure that you have your plans drawn up by a reputable company that will help you to get the building you want as well as ensuring that planning permission is given.

Any planning authority will want to make sure that the plan does not breach any regulations and it is important that everything is in order and that no portion of the plan has been neglected. For obvious reasons, no plan that has used a map that has been illegally copied or downloaded from any unlicensed website will be welcomed.

When Are Your Plans Needed?

It is important that you have your plans ready when you submit your planning application. This means you will want to think about preparing them at the same time to make sure that all of the forms are complete and that you have checked that the boundaries are correct. However, you may also need to have copies of the plans prepared even before you make your application. For example, if there are any planning department discussions about pre-applications.

Finally, you have to make sure that your block plan shows the specific position of any proposed development that is going to be within the boundaries of the site. This will include new work like walls, fences, driveways and hard surfaces. Your block plans will also have to indicate what already exists next to the site, including any of the trees, rights of way, buildings and utilities that could be impacted. Going with the right company to create a plan will help you to make sure that you end up with nothing but the best planning application maps to detail your project and ensure a smooth planning application.