It was a regular Thursday afternoon when it happened. My 15-year old daughter and her best
friend had just gotten home from school. She called me at 3:30 pm to let me know they were
home safe, and that they were going to spend most of the afternoon working on a school
project until I get home. I told her there were snacks in the fridge if they got hungry, and that I
was going to be home by 5:30pm at the latest. Again, it was just a regular Thursday afternoon.

However, I ended up having to go home a lot sooner than normal after I received a call from
the police that there had been a break in at my house. My house? But my daughter was there
with her friend. My house? My daughter? I was shocked, scared and confused. Surely there
must have been some confusion because I live in a gated community. The police assured me
that it was indeed my house and gave me my address. The worst-case scenarios started
filling my head. What about my daughter? She was unharmed. The way she recounted the entire event was much different than the
way the police had reported it. We didnt have an alarm response system, so there was no
way the police would have known about the intrusion until my daughter called 911. And of
course she did. She and her friend were in her room when they heard the glass break. She
told me she immediately jumped in panic and ran to her door to lock it. She had never been in
any situation like that before, and she told me she didnt know what to do. My daughter and
her friend hid in the closet for at least 5 minutes before they found the courage to open the
closet door to grab their cell phones to call 911.

The police said they got to the house in 10 minutes due to an accident nearby. 10 minutes!
My daughter hid in her closet for 10 minutes as she listened to our house get trashed
downstairs. She said it felt like she was hiding for hours. She jumped every time she heard a
loud bang, and she told me she felt like she was going to die that day. I never want my daughter to ever feel the way she did that afternoon. And to this day, several
months later, she still sleeps with me in my room at night ever since the incident. She also
refuses to be at home by herself and will not leave school unless I pick her up. I immediately
took out an alarm response service in our house after that day, and I
knew in my heart that if we had it already installed before, the break-in probably would’ve
never happened.

Even if it did, the alarm wouldve gone off as soon as that window broke, and the proper
authorities wouldve been alerted right away. The monitors wouldve also caught sight of the
perpetrator, and he or she will probably be in prison by now. Unfortunately, we now have to
live with the knowledge that whoever did that to us is still out there and more than likely doing
the same thing to other people. He got away with more than just money and things. He also
took away our security and my daughters confidence. If only we had the alarm response
service, things would be completely different today.