When thinking of conducting sale of Singapore new condo, you need to do good research for a smooth process. There are a number of considerations you need to think about. They will help you hold a successful sales that is profitable. Here are some of the steps you should take that will help especially if this is your first time.

The first aspect to decide on is whether you will appoint a property agent or you can do the selling on your own. If many items are involved, you need to search for a professional who has an understanding of what ought to be done. Such experts may have contacts of individuals who are interested in your new condo. However if you can manage on your own, make sure you do the necessary preparations.

Tidy up the place before the big day. Nobody wants to walk into a dirty and dusty place as this might lower the price although it is still a new condo. Every bedroom need to be well cleaned. You should also remember to unlock rooms so that the potential buyers can view all the rooms. This ensures the buyers do not have to come back in case you locked up some bedrooms.

Make sure you set a reasonable selling price that is competitive at the current market price. This is a very important step that should be well researched. Most buyers will not just view your new condo but also other units available for sale within the condo project. Also, make sure that you indicate if the price is negotiable or not.

Put yourself in the shoe of a pot should tidy up the place before any viewing. Anything that may make it hard to move around needs to be removed. Potential buyers should have the opportunity of walking around the new condo with ease to have a good look at what they are interested in. This ensures that no inconveniences are caused.

Put yourself in the shoe of a potential buyer. You will have to do some preparations. You need to get ready early enough. Do not be late for any viewing appointment as if you do chances are that you might miss a potential buyer who might view other unit and decide to purchase it as you are late for the appointment.

When you are conducting an open houses, you need to look for helpers who will secure the place. Both exits and entrances need to be guarded to avoid people who may have ill intentions if you have any valuable items in the new condo. There must also be others inside who are ready to offer assistance to potential buyers to avoid any miscommunication. Plan for this in advance when you still have the time before the open houses.

Lastly, you must advertise that you will be holding a sale. Without it, you may not get a good number of potential viewers. Invest in posters you will use in to notify the community. Also use the internet that is able to reach to many potential new condo buyers.

Alternatively, you can engaged good property agents to secure a buyer for your new condo.

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