One type of architecture that runs water or any liquid into a basin is a fountain. Examples of liquids involved are water and wine. Water may also be spouted out into the air for drinking or creating a decorative effect in some models. Fountains were initially supposed to be functional and by this it means that water was supplied for washing, drinking, and bathing. The source of the water was put above the basin because the fountains operated by gravity. Learn more about the water fountain features in Kallang Riverside as below.

There are features of fountains that make them efficient and exceptional. The basin is the first part as it is very clear and functional in the same proportion. The function of the basin is to hold water and it is also referred to as a reservoir. Water is not lost into the ground because basins used in Kallang Riverside condominium are waterproof. The materials used in making them may be concrete, metal, or plastic.

The largest part of fountains is the basin. The basins serve as reservoirs in disappearing fountains where they are located underground. The size of basin is built in proportion to the size of the fountain. Large structures have large basins. They are designed long enough to ensure the jetting liquid flows back into the basin without splashing over into the surrounding.

Pumps are crucial parts for any fountain. They serve as the heart of the structure since they pump the liquid into cascading rocks or the air. Most of the pumps are powered by electricity. The size of the structure determines whether the pump will be small or large. The desired effect may be achieved using small aquarium pumps in small fountains but dedicated pumps are required in large fountains.

Before the liquid falls down because of gravity, it must find a way up the fountain. The pump pumps the liquid which moves through a tubing. The strong PVC pipes find use in large fountains because liquid is often pumped at high pressure. On the other hand, small fountains do just fine with flexible vinyl tubing because pressure in these models is usually very low.

Fountains have long stopped serving one purpose only. Initially, they were purely functional, but now they are also decorative as well as entertaining in the Kallang Riverside condominium. Some decorative elements are added to them to improve the aesthetics. Coloring is mostly done to resemble nature. For instance, various kinds of stones are usually used to make the structure as natural-looking as possible. Decorative plants are also often grown on the sides to give a natural touch.

The climate of the place that the structure is installed in affects the quantity of liquid lost through evaporation. Evaporation is common in the hotter climate at Singapore. Thus the flowing liquid should have regular refills.

Fountains normally involve splashing. Outdoor fountains at Kallang Riverside development are designed in a way that does not control the splashing much while the indoor ones are designed to minimize it. The splashing noise of outdoor fountains may cause some disturbance but it beautify the condominium as well.

Now you can get more information about how a good water fountain systems will enhance the value of Kallang Riverside.